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Vireo Energy is an Alternative Energy Financial Services Firm with a reputation for innovation and excellence in a wide range of technical and commercial financial solutions including alternative energy, renewable energy, and energy efficiency project finance. We have an experienced team with over 120 years of combined project finance and CHP development. Our relevant expertise includes utility rebate programs and RFOs, government incentives, venture capital, private equity, tax equity, and structured finance.

PPA FINANCE for CHP – PPA finance is offered for projects from 60kW up to 50MW. PPA finance provides the end user with predict-able power costs for base loads through a long term contract (10—20 year terms). Power prices will remain stable through long term gas contracts with major gas partners. The user has little or no up-front costs. Installation, operation, and maintenance costs are the responsibility of the system owner. The end user just buys the power provided.

PACE – OPERATING LEASE FINANCE – Operating Lease Finance is offered on CHP as an “off balance sheet” means of financing CHP systems. The operating lease will allow for non-profits, government entities, or corporations seeking “off balance sheet” finance to fund their CHP project. Tax incentives that may be of no use to the end user will be passed on to the finance company which, in turn passes along better rates.

CAPITAL LEASE FINANCE – Capital Lease Finance is offered on CHP systems. This is “on balance sheet” finance that can help profitable entities take advantage of the tax benefits of CHP systems, further enhancing the owner’s IRR. Tax incentives can be local, state, or federal, and flexible terms can be arranged.

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